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June 16, 2017

5 Mistakes When Learning Guitar That Beginner Should Avoid

Acquiring your guitar can be really a thrilling thing sometimes. Because when you pick your guitar, maybe you need to learn how to play this instrument—chords, notes, scales, and slides, really all of that! The speed of learning is crucial because then you can at least dazzle your family or friends with new talent.
In the beginning, the zeal for playing is great, however, many beginners encounter some stumbling blocks which, if not quickly addressed, are able to hinder or halt serious progress. Regardless of the personal skill levels, it’s very important that you evaluate your performing style in some time periods if you want to make sure that you really have nice practice habits.

1 – Guitar Tuning Neglect

Almost all rookies don’t know the right way for tuning their instrument properly, but they even don’t notice the time when their instrument is really out of its tune! So, there are several reasons why you need to know this because out-of-tune instrument hurts your personal progress a lot.
Also, if you possess the habit to practice both on and that out-of-tune guitar, then when you hear someone who is in tune will really make you wonder why there is a big problem with your sound. Sometimes self-doubt is able to discourage a beginner from further practicing, and some give up because of this sole reason.

Little boy practicing playing guitar near window on a sunny day. The boy aged 6.

Before you start to play anything, be sure that your guitar is in the right tune, and you can also buy a nice tuner. Check or also double check yourself, and then also again after some time during your playing. And, in the case that you don’t know this by your ear yet, establish this as a goal to learn this quickly.

2 – Overestimating Yourself

If you practice only what you know, well, this is truly biggest mistake that some rookies can make. Because if you only play some stuff that you know, then you’re just slowly spinning your own wheels, and the real idea is the opposite thing. You must spread your horizons.
It’s really nice if you need to do this in a form of a warm-up before gigs, and not in the case when you learn to play the electric or acoustic guitar because then you really need to learn to perform some new things if you want to evolve further. Also, be sure that you learn some complete songs, and not only the parts.
If you’re really still performing “Stairway,” or “Crazy Train” for two to four months down your path and you still call it real practice, well, then you’re very wrong. Play some tracks that you really know just a few times weekly to maintain them fresh, but also add more new tunes for your practice, because that truly keeps motivation and also postpones stagnation.

3 – Avoiding Of Barre Chords

Learning some barre chords could be the biggest leap that you will accomplish for the improving of your abilities, so the first hurdle that you will surely encounter is probably this. In some cases you struggled during your practice, otherwise, up until that period you practiced good, it is like some learning the usage of your pinkie finger and also changing chords, well, but every other challenge prior to this part was really smooth to overcome.
Because barre chords really involve one finger for holding down more strings. So, if you really are a true beginner, then you are certainly intimidated by this because barre chords require some greater strength for the fretting hand. Also, they are hard sometimes to master at first, and that’s why many of those beginners avoid playing tracks that need them.

4 – Learning From Very Different Sources

Many rookies make the same mistake when they jump between different videos, and when they read various articles on the internet or in some guitar magazines. So, switching between different online courses is clearly a problem. So, this is really true when they are stuck on some part and then they switch those learning sources to keep everything easy.
With many paths that are available nowadays to really know how to play guitar, maybe you really risk the information overload in your brain. You will not be able to find the right answers that you seek, and then this information abundance will really overwhelm or paralyze you. So, you need to be in a dedicated and focused state of mind.
Find some good teachers or a nice online course that possess some clear and comprehensive lesson patterns and plans, then stick to this firmly. If some things get a bit tough, then persevere. So, don’t look for some easier solutions in all cases, that will really keep you completely stuck.

5 – Impatience

When you discover some secrets for the more effective and practical ways of playing the instrument, it will really become a way easier, and you will progress far more quickly. But, it is really equally important for you to know and to sometimes realize that there are no ways to really speed up the pace of the progress more than it is natural.
So, like some kind of a seed that you put in the soil in the great hopes and wishes of someday seeing that developing into a nice fruit tree, that is what patience is. It truly doesn’t matter how you really try to speed it all up, because there are particular stages of guitar practice growth that cannot be simply rushed after a while.

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January 22, 2017

Best Digital Reverb Pedals Reviews 2017

digital reverb pedals main image

The best digital reverb pedals can add depth to your music. Unlike what is the best analog verbal pedal, a digital reverb pedal is also portable enough for you to bring it to a gigor to your friend’s place for your group practices. However, if you don't care what type of reverb pedal check out this list for the best overall reverb pedal.

There are lots of digital reverb pedals in the market, which can be overwhelming to an aspiring musician. This guide will help you find the best digital reverb pedal for you.

We took into consideration the various digital reverb pedal reviews from customers in this article.

Editor Rating:

This is a digital reverb pedal featuring six reverb types. It is affordable, intuitive, and well-made.

Behringer DR600 DIGITAL REVERB Digital Stereo Reverb Effects Pedal


  • It is very affordable
  • It is well built and sturdy
  • The controls are intuitive


  • The plastic casing isn’t as durable as metal casings of other reverb pedals
  • · The blue LED light is too bright for some guitarists


This digital reverb pedal has six reverb types— Gate, Modulate, Room, Hall, Plate, and Spring.

The digital reverb pedal comes with a standard plastic casing, two In and Out jacks, a large on/off stomp button, and a status LED.

There are four standard reverb knobs in this pedal—Level, Time, Tone, and Mode.

  • Level: is the knob that pretty much sets the volume of the reverb effect integrated into the audio output.
  • Time: is the knob is for controlling the length of the echo produced by the pedal.
  • Tone: is the knob you turn to if you want to adjust the reverb effect brightness. Crank it up and you’ll hear a darker, more massive tone.
  • Mode:  is the knob to choose a particular type of reverb that you want to infuse into your music.

With just four knobs to work on, this digital reverb pedal is very easy to use.


​In terms of sonic quality, the consensus among reviewers on is that the reverb types are decent enough for singing standard tunes. With its price and output quality, this is highly recommended for live gigs and home/practice use.

However, there are also a lot of reviewers who say that the sound quality isn’t the best. They agree that this isn’t the type of reverb pedals you would use in a live recording.

The bottom line is, the Behringer Digital Reverb DR600 is an affordable, easy to use, and decent digital reverb pedal.



Editor Rating:

This is a compact digital reverb from one of the more respected brands. The Boss RV-6 is packed with eight reverb modes that can enhance the sound of any guitarist.

This is Boss’s first digital reverb pedal in more than 10 years. The revered stomp box maker, though, does a good job on this pedal despite the decade-long absence in reverb pedal manufacturing.

Boss RV-6 Digital Reverb


  • It has eight reverb modes
  • It is well-made/ very durable
  • The controls are intuitive


  • Some customers report getting pedals with sticky knobs


The Boss RV-6 comes with that familiar Boss compact pedal housing. It is powered by a 9-volt battery or a AC adapter.

​The pedal itself is very intuitive. It has easy to use controls for the tone, time, and level. You can choose from the eight reverb modes through the selector knob.

​It also has dual ¼ inch jacks that you can use for mono or stereo operation.


​As you would expect from a brand as popular as Boss, this pedal gets excellent ratings for its performance.

​You would be surprised that this compact pedal produces studio-quality reverb. You’d likely think that this is a high-end pedal the first time you use it.

Most of the modes--- Modulate, Plate, Spring, Hall, Room, and Dynamic— have very good sonic quality.

However, you should check out the special effect modes as well. The +Delay, for instance, mixes reverb and delay for added dimension during solos.​

The Shimmer mode, on the other hand, is ideal for background layering.​

What’s more surprising is the affordable price of this pedal. With four popular reverbs and four custom special effect reverbs, you would be shocked that this digital reverb pedal has a very low price.



Editor Rating:

The Behringer Digital Reverb/Delay DR400 could be the next fixture on your pedal board. It is reasonably priced. It sounds great and responds well, too.



  • It is very affordable
  • It is very versatile with many modes
  • Effects sound so natural


  • Numerous reviewers complain of a hissing sound coming from the unit
  • It drains battery very fast


​This Behringer pedal is very versatile. It offers four reverb styles and three delay styles. For good measure, it also offers four styles combining the two.

​The controls are also well laid out. You would likely be up and running with this pedal within a few minutes of set up.

​This pedal is powered by a 9V battery, or a DC power supply which isn’t included in the package.


Like most of the digital reverb pedals in this review, this Boehringer pedal performs better than what its price suggests.

The Delay mode, for one, gets very good reviews on Customers who have bought and used this pedal say the sound is thick and robust. They add that it doesn’t feel manufactured or synthetic at all.

The Reverb mode, on the other hand, does a great job of emulating natural echo. You’d think that you are in a late night recording session when you turn to this mode.

With its battery option, this pedal can be used in remote locations. You can also buy the Behringer DC power supply.

There is also a LED light that you can refer to in checking effect status and battery status.

The Behringer Digital Reverb/Delay DR400 is another cheap yet versatile reverb pedal that you can add to your collection. With various modes to turn to, you can shape your sound the way you want it to with this pedal.



Editor Rating:

Similar to the Boss RV6, the Boss RV5 digital reverb is well-constructed, compact, and reasonably priced.

Boss RV5 Digital Reverb


  • It well made
  • It is very versatile
  • It is compact and lightweight


  • The layout can be quite confusing to read while you are on stage.


It may be small at 5 x 3 x 4 inches and lightweight at one pound, but this reverb pedal churns out a very impressive performance for its frame. With its reasonable price tag and quality features, this pedal is highly recommended to both experienced and novice guitarists.

This pedal features six high quality reverb options. All these reverb options can be harnessed through buttons neatly presented on the front panel. There are also buttons for adjusting tone, volume, and time.

Reverb Options of the RV5 include: Hall, Plate, Gate, Room, Modulate, and Reverb.

  • Hall: With hall you can impress your listeners with a nice, expansive tone.
  • Plate: The plate mode is arguably the most subtle of the modes. It’s something useful if you are playing an acoustic guitar.
  • Gate: When you turn to Gate mode, you’ll hear very short pre-delay and decays. 
  • Room: You'll hear drum effects that were popular back in the '80s.
  • Modulate: With Modulate, you can add a slight chorus modulation to your music. 
  • Reverb: Because of modulate, it allows you to detune your reverb according to your preference. 

All modes produce high quality sound output.


Many customers on have very good words about the build quality of this pedal. They say that this pedal is very well made. This isn’t surprising though as Boss is known as a very good company that uses top quality materials.

​The Boss RV5 Digital Reverb is a very good choice if you are on a budget. While we aren’t certain that this is better than the RV6, this is still a pedal we can recommend to any musician.



Editor Rating:

This is another digital reverb pedal that is very easy to use. It has four intuitive knobs. With its rugged design, this pedal should stand up to everyday abuse.

DigiTech XDV DigiVerb Digital Reverb Pedal


  • Very well built
  • Very cheap
  • Quite versatile


  • Tiny metal buttons of the battery compartment are flimsy and could easily get lost


The DigiTech XDV is a user-friendly reverb pedal. Novice guitarists should have no troubles using it during gigs and practices.

It has intuitive controls from Level to Tone to Decay and Type. Most reviewers on agree that it is fairly easy to achieve the desired sound with this reverb pedal.

This pedal offers seven reverb choices--- Room, Hall, Plate, Church, Gated, Reverse, and Spring.​

  • Room: The Room reverb gives a subtle effect.
  • Hall: The Hall, meanwhile, is ideal for rock and hard rock players.
  • Church: The Church reverb sounds very menacing and organic.
  • Plate: The Plate reverb, on the other hand, adds a pleasant touch to your sound.
  • Gated and Reverse: The Gated and Reverse reverbs though aren’t exactly the most popular. Some reviewers say those modes are quite useless.
  • Spring: Creates reverberation effects

The Hall and Church reverbs are getting favorable reviews online. reviewers point out that those reverb options can enhance the sound quality of any music.


In terms of build quality, this pedal is built like a tank. It is made of all-steel. You can be assured that this pedal can withstand the typical bumps and bruises.

However, not all reviewers on are impressed with the design of this pedal. A common complaint is that the battery compartment located under the foot plate has tiny metal buttons. The buttons are very flimsy and can be easily lost.

​The DigiTech XDV DigiVerb Digital Reverb Pedal is a practical choice for expert and novice guitarists alike. It is very easy to use. It is also cheap, well made and versatile



Editor Rating:

Rounding out our list of the best digital reverb pedals is this budget-friendly model from Mooer.

Mooer ShimVerb, digital reverb micro pedal


  • It is cheap
  • It is compact
  • It has a rugged design


  • It doesn't have a battery
  • It isn't the most versatile reverb pedal


This is a pedalboard friendly model that offers three reverb options— Room, Spring, and Shimmer.

While it has a limited number of reverb options, this pedal has been getting good marks for its ability to enhance the music of its users.

  • Room: The Room reverb, for one, is a great choice for acoustic guitar players.
  • Spring: The Spring reverb, on the other hand, can stimulate the classic spring reverb that was popular in the ‘60s.
  • Shimmer: Other users point out that the Shimmer reverb is rich, smooth, and spacey. It is the ideal reverb for musicians who are into a more modern sound like alternative rock and post-rock.


Aside from its good performance, this digital reverb pedal also gets good grades for its rugged and compact design.

It has a full metal casing that protects it against bumps and bruises. It is also very compact at 1.8 inches by 4.2 inches by 2.2 inches.

There’s a rubber pad on the bottom that enhances its durability. It also has a center metal where you can attach a Velcro strip if you desire.

However, not all reviewers on are satisfied with this reverb pedal.

Despite being compact, this reverb pedal is useless in remote locations because you can’t use a 9 volt battery for it.

Of course, with just three reverb options, this isn’t the most versatile pedal out there.

The Mooer ShimVerb reverb pedal is cheap, compact, and ruggedly built. It is also very easy to use. But it isn’t the most versatile reverb pedal today, that’s for sure.



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December 11, 2016

The 4 Best Analog Reverb Pedals & Delay Pedals

Analog Reverb Cover Photo

 What is the best analog reverb pedal today?  This is a question that’s tough to answer given the many analog reverb pedals available on the market. 

What we’re sure of is that a good analog reverb pedal can improve the sound quality of your music. It can make your music richer and warmer.

And to borrow a line from, the best analog reverb pedals can fool you into thinking you are rocking out in a stadium full of screaming fans.

P.S. If you’re not sure about what kind of reverb pedal you want you may want to check out our list of our favorite overall reverb pedals.

Buying Guide

Although we are talking about 2 different pedals the buying advice for the two is pretty much the same. You already know analog pedals are higher quality and produce better sound than digital versions.


Versatile Tool Kit

Most pedals have a suite of functions and type of reverb/delay. The more options you have means you can play around with different effects without having to spend more money.

If you’re still honing your guitar skills having a pedal that specializes in having a bunch of different options is great so you can see which one(s) you like. However, if you’re already very experienced and have gone through pedals before, it is better to get ones that specialize in a particular type of reverb (Spring, Hall, etc) or delay because they will produce higher quality for their particular sounds.


Lower quality pedals tend not to mesh with others which means if you are playing songs that require different effects than you’ll probably want a higher quality pedal. For example, for some lower quality reverb pedals you may hear unwanted echo effects in the song, and sometimes it can skew the sound produced while other pedals are playing.

Although there typically isn’t as big of a problem for delay pedals you’ll want to understand that this could be a large problem if you are using a number of pedals.

Overall Quality

Led ZeppelinIf you’re a beginner this won’t matter much since you’re just testing out pedals and finding your sound. However, if you are doing performances or recordings you want pedals that are definitely on the higher end.

This way, you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues and overall sound quality. No matter how good cheap ones claim to be they just can’t measure up to more expensive, higher quality pedals.

If you’re doing a demo or performance you won’t want to risk a lower quality one messing up your performance/demo.


Best Analog Reverb Pedals

Editor Rating: 4.7/5

The Hall of Fame reverb pedal has a very daunting name. But for most of the satisfied owners and users of this reverb pedal, the name is very fitting. It is indicative of the quality and performance of the reverb pedal.

Most analog reverb pedal reviews online include the TC Electronic Hall of Fame in their list of the best analog reverb pedals. This goes to show how highly rated this pedal is

The TC Electronic Hall of Fame reverb pedal offers 10 reverb types including a custom TonePrint.

The reverb options include:

  • Room
  • Hall
  • Spring
  • Plate
  • Church
  • Modulated
  • LoFi
  • Tile
  • Ambient
  • Gated

It can be said that the Hall of Fame reverb pedal is very versatile. It is one of the few standard sized pedals with so many great sounding reverbs.

The 11th reverb setting Tone Print, allows users to download settings created by pro guitarists and soundlabs.

The consensus is that all reverb types sound fantastic.

Guitarists will also love the Tone Print setting. They say that it is very easy to use. Users simply have to go to the TCE website, download patches, and save it on their computer.

From their computer, they can transfer those patches to the Hall of Fame pedal. There’s no need to go to the Internet if users want to change patches. And it even has an app which allows users to transfer patches from their phones.

The build quality of this pedal is also worth mentioning. It is very solidly built. Many reviewers on say their units have lasted for them for many years.

There are a few complaints about this reverb pedal. One is the color—red isn’t exactly a color you expect reverb pedals to be available in, and there aren't other options which is unfortunate. However, it's definitely not a deal breaker.

Another is the price—this isn’t exactly the cheapest analog reverb pedal around.

The TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb Pedal is truly a great analog reverb pedal. It is versatile, easy to use, and well-made.

This reverb pedal gets a rating of 5 stars.

Things We Liked

  • Very versatile
  • Small footprint
  • Easy to use

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not the cheapest



Editor Rating: 4.6/5

The TC Electronic Arena Reverb Pedal is basically the TC Electronic Hall of Fame reverb pedal. But it has four exclusive Tone Prints to boot. It’s basically a souped-up version of the Hall of Fame.

As mentioned earlier, the Tone Prints allow users to download custom patches.

The four Tone Prints included in this pedal were carefully picked by Barry Mitchell of Guitar Centers.

The first TonePrint, Royal, would remind you of those classic hall and church reverbs. Parliament has a more detailed vibe than a typical Hall reverb.

Passage, on the other hand, expands the typical room reverb into a fuller-sounding effect. Season is a smoother spring reverb. Think of it as a dreamy spring sound.

Of course, there are the traditional reverbs as well like Hall, Plate, Spring, Room, and Church. There’s also the Modulated reverb which gives an animated sound, perfect for leads.

Similar to the Hall of Fame, the quality of the reverbs of the Arena is clean and very realistic. It doesn’t sound like any low cost pedal. Moreover, the longer reverbs have a very distinctive, smooth delay.

And just like the Hall of Fame, accessing those patches in the Tone Print mode is very easy.

Simply go to the TC Electronic website, download a file, patch it to your computer, and open the downloaded file. This would create an applet that aids in uploading the Tone Print to the pedal.

There’s also an iPhone and Android app that users can turn to in transferring patches to the pedal.

As you would expect from a reverb pedal with TC Electronic’s logo on it, this model is very well built.

It is housed in a rugged and die-cast aluminum case. It is about 4.75 inches by 3 inches including the in/out jack nuts on the sides.

It gets power from a 9V battery. You can also plug it in using an Ibanez adapter. The latter is a more practical option given the hefty power drain of this device.

The TC Electronic Arena Reverb Pedal could be the best analog pedal right now. Its price is its only flaw or weakness.

Things We Liked

  • Very versatile
  • Manufactured with quality
  • Awesome features

Things We Didn't Like

  • On the more expensive side



Editor Rating: 4.2/5

The Ibanez AD MINI Analog Delay Effect Pedal is compact and affordable. It also sounds great. With those qualities, it is not a shock that it has a lot of very positive reviews online.

One of the first things that will strike you about this mini pedal is its size. It is very compact with dimensions of 10 x 2 x 4 inches.

While small, the pedal is built like a tank. Even the small knobs for repeat and mix controls are quite steady.

You can forget about incidental damage ruining this pink colored pedal, like accidentally crushing the pedal during an inspired performance on stage.

In terms of performance, you can hardly find any shortcomings from this mini pedal.

Most reviewers on agree that this mini pedal sounds very great. It never sounds too distorted or clipped, even when you set it at repeat.

While it is far from digital pedals in terms of clarity, the mini-pedal has a nice, warm and classic delay.

With its great sound and compact size, the Ibanez AD Mini Analog Delay Effect Pedal is a very good buy. It can enhance your sound without taking up a lot of pedalboard space, or causing a hole in your pockets.

The Ibanez AD MINI Analog Delay Effect Pedal may be the best reverb pedal for its size. With a very compact frame, this pedal can be a great addition to your pedal board.

It is cheap and easy to use as well. And the build quality is just impressive for a pedal of this size.

The Ibanez AD MINI Analog Delay Effect Pedal gets a rating of 4.5 stars.

Things We Liked

  • Nice and compact
  • Build to last
  • Very afforable

Things We Didn't Like

  • No power adapter



Editor Rating:

The Behringer Vintage Delay VD400 is very simple, easy to use, and affordable. It can help you achieve a sound that would remind you of the sounds of the 50s and 60s.

This pedal is fairly straightforward to use. You can refer to the bright blue LED to know if the vintage delay has been activated.

There are only three knobs to use. One is for adjusting delay time (Repeat Rate); anther for adjusting output level (Echo), and the last for adjusting number of repetitions (Intensity).

It is powered by a 9V battery, or through direct current with a DC power supply which isn’t included in the product package.

The delay time is 300ms which is pretty much the standard for an analog reverb pedal.

It is made of ABS plastic, an industrial grade plastic that is also used in construction helmets and motorcycle helmets. It is impact proof.

As reported by satisfied reviewers on, the pedal is very durable. Some reviewers shared stories of how they’ve dropped this pedal numerous times. They say that it can resist bumps and bruises.

However, not all reviewers are all praises for this pedal.

Some point out that it has certain design flaws.

One common complaint is that it is hard to change batteries of this reverb pedal. Also, other reviewers wish that it is customizable.

But for its price, this pedal is one of the best. You can’t ask for anything cheaper but of good quality than this pedal.

The Behringer Vintage Delay VD400 is one of the cheapest analog reverb pedals you can find online. It is well built, durable, and very easy to operate.

While it has its share of flaws, the BEHRINGER VINTAGE DELAY VD400 remains a highly recommended analog reverb pedal.

Things We Liked

  • Very affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Extremely durable

Things We Didn't Like

  • Not customizable
  • Hard to change batteries




Original, “old school” analog reverb pedals are the real deal. Digital reverb pedals get the job done because technology is so good, but they can’t beat high quality analog pedals.

The same thing goes for delay pedals.

While digital versions for both of these types of pedals are decent alternatives and are cost effective, you don’t want to skimp on quality if you are serious about your guitar playing.

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November 2, 2016

How to Use a Reverb Pedal

All Reverb Pedals

From time to time, we use reverb pedals in an attempt to improve the sound produced by our electric guitar. At times, however, it does not feel right. As someone who has tried your best, it is quite disappointing to put too much effort into doing something in order to play and use your pedals, and still end up with nothing.

In order to deal with these frustrations, I have come up with a list of ways on how to use a reverb pedal in such a way that can guarantee results. All you have to do is follow these tips and you will experience better results.

Implement Modulation on Your Reverb

A reverb that is modulated can turn out to be your best friend, especially if you are interested in producing unearthly, ghostly sound. In order to attain a unique experience while playing your guitar, use modulated reverbs, as it can create an effect that is delicate and special.

Pedals such as the Boss RV-5 model (check out our review here) may add some modulation on a reverb, thus resulting to one that does not just serve as an ambience builder. While these modulated reverbs can still establish ambiance, it is done in an unearthly fashion.

If you make it a goal to copy a Johnny Marr riff to its finest but are confused what is lacking in order to get the right match, then implementing modulation on you reverb is the trick.

By doing so, you are adding a touch of the sound movement, blending them well together.

Johnny Mar

Sustaining Your Sound in the Absence of a Gain Pedal

Before guitarists were introduced to gain pedals cranking the tube amp up and adding wet spring reverb on the tone was the only way in which sustenance is added to the sound. During those days, spring was the king.

In fact, there were some parts through the history of guitar when an effect and a player meant the same, until the famous Dick Dale, father of the surf guitar, introduced spring reverb in creating a wonderful effect. Since then, a lot of things have changed. Therefore, you can cut ties with your gain pedals, externally adding sustenance to the tone instead. Digital reverb pedals are great for this.

Dick Dale

The good news is that, there are a lot of amazing spring reverbs available now in the market. All you have to do is choose one. Even though you may not own a Fender amp equipped with a built-in long-tank reverb, you can choose from options such as Boss FRV-1, Malekko Chicklet, and others.

The next time you work towards achieving that sustaining, epic type of sound, why not replace your compressor or dirt box with a long reverb. You can see the beauty of doing so as it can easily make a difference on things and take things a level up.

Distance and Depth Controlled

Controlling both the distance and the depth is actually quite an old technique introduced by the famous Jimmy page. The principle behind this technique is to close-mic the amp in a space that is undersized, while recording the very same source at the same time, using another mic at a distance.

What he used back then was bigger sounds by combining two different sounds as the mixdown happens. This proven approach is still known to produce amazing results. As years passed by, other names in the industry, such as Steve Albini has refined this mic placement. Fortunately for us, technology has allowed us to create this distance and depth sense by using a quality reverb pedal.

These days, modern models of reverb pedals come equipped with a pre-delay knob. By tweaking the feature in order to possibly delay the reverb onset up to a few milliseconds and setting to a minimal decay control, you can expect a good output. At the same time, if you already have tone control on your pedal, all you have to do is to tune your ‘room’ to either dark or bright in order to stand out or blend. Analog reverb pedals really excel at this.

Less Effect, the Better

Reality dictates that less effects on your sound is always better. Even a single touch on the reverb can already result to amazing output on the sound. One of the best ways in order to achieve the type of sound that you would want to see is by using a little bit of reverb only. Overdoing it may ruin the quality of the sound.

In fact, adding too many effects can result to a robotic and artificial sound. This is something that you have to know if you consider yourself as an acoustic guitarist. Make sure that you just go easy with the effects in order to achieve the quality of sound that you want to hear.

Use Some Room Control

Perhaps you have seen this feature on your reverb, but have never actually tried using it, have you? You can now change this practice if you want to see better sound results. This reverb is usually drowned over by the fame of other effects, but you can now start exploring on it more.

By using room control, you can come up with a reverb that is light to the heart. As such, get a good room reverb, and use room control on the tone. You can expect a sound that is better than what you may have imagined at first. Check out this video for more details:


Now, you have the basic ideas on things that you have to change, or features that you have to start using. By implementing these alternate options, you can create that perfect sound out of your own guitar. You will not really lose anything if you try each and every tip mentioned above. When you discover that they work for you, you will never have to deal with struggling for that perfect tone. On the other hand, if you notice that the suggestions do not work for you, there is no harm in going back to your trusted ways of fixing tone sound issues.

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December 20, 2015

Online Blues Guitar Lessons

blues guitar lessons

Traditionally, anyone interested in learning to play the blues guitar would have learned their licks directly from records from many of the old blues masters such as BB King, Freddie King and Albert King. Nowadays however people are able to take online blues guitar lessons using videos downloaded from the Internet. This has proven itself to be a very powerful way to learn to play blues guitar online and more and more guitar students are finding that it is highly effective and very enjoyable.

Blues guitar lessons online are not as common as acoustic guitar lessons for beginners since this represents the mass market for online guitar lessons in general, but here is one of our favorites:

There are however a number of high-quality blues guitar websites you can choose to learn from and in all cases it represents a cheaper way to take expert blues guitar lessons regardless of where you live in the world. This is an excellent advantage of lessons in blues guitar online as often it can be a problem to notate a good quality guitar teacher in your local area although learning how to use a reverb pedal with your blues guitar may be difficult online.

One of the most important aspects of blues guitar is your sound. They should be neither completely clean not completely distorted, ideally we want to create the sounds which will response organically to how we play and to produce distortion actually whenever guitar notes for guitar chords are played with more force and aggression. For these reasons tube guitar amplifiers are considered the best choice for learning to play blues guitar. They are more expensive and require some maintenance however they still to this day produce the best and most authentic blues sound possible by any method. One of the most famous manufacturers of blues guitar amplifiers is Fender.

There are some people who believe that taking online blues guitar lessons is an inferior way to learn this style of music. There is some justification in this belief as part of becoming a good musician lies in your ability to develop your ear so that you can make a direct connection with your instrument which will in turn allow you to the express your musical ideas with more fluency and clarity.

When you learn electric blues guitar online it makes it so that you do not have to test your ear to the same extent as you would when learning guitar licks directly from records. I would advise any student taking online blues guitar lessons to combine them with the more traditional methods already mentioned in this article. This way you can have the best of both worlds and benefits not only from today’s modern technology but also stayed true to the past ways of learning.

To find more information about online blues guitar lessons please do a search using any popular search engine where you are sure to find the best and most successful websites currently available on the market.

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December 20, 2015

Online Advanced Guitar Lessons

professional guitar player

It is surprising to find out that there is quite a lack of online advanced guitar lessons available for students to take on the Internet. This is probably caused by the fact that most people searching for online guitar lessons are themselves complete beginners or at a lower-level of playing and therefore the mass market has been created around them for learning to play guitar online. If you’re looking beyond the fundamental skills then learning about reverb pedals and other types of pedals is a great start.

It is almost always true that the best resources will be made available to suit where the market share is its greatest demand.

Advanced guitar lessons online are not easy to find however some of the bigger and more established guitar websites will have lessons to suit this level of guitar player in their endeavor to improve their playing. Most advanced guitar players are able to teach themselves whatever they want to learn you from buying books or watching guitar DVDs, this is also another principal reason why the demand for online advanced guitar lessons is lower than many other categories of guitar tuition.

Perhaps as the market to learn guitar online becomes bigger and more established we will see a noticeable increase in the variety of advanced online guitar lessons available to take on the Internet. The members will be there to support these kinds of sites and that is really all which is required to sustain the industry. Until then however, if you are at an advanced level in your guitar playing and more than likely you’ll need to continue teaching yourself from guitar chord books, DVDs or private one-to-one lessons with a guitar teacher.

This problem can also arise when a student wishes to learn styles of guitar playing which are by their very nature advanced to do the techniques required to play that style of music. Classical guitar for example requires a great deal of study not only in your ability to read music well but also in your finger technique and quality of tone. Another example would be if you were trying to learn to play flamenco guitar which it can requires advanced techniques often taking years of practice to perfect. Simply by the very nature of the music is going to be harder to find a range of good quality guitar lessons to choose from as they will all come under the classification of online advanced guitar lessons.

Instead of having a broad category of guitar lessons to search for online, try to narrow your search down and concentrate on finding very specific things you wish to learn. This will lessen the amount of frustration you feel when trying to find online expert video guitar lessons and certainly reduce the amount of time it takes to find what you are really looking for so you can get on with the business of improving your guitar playing instead of searching for suitable lessons.

Don’t neglect to look in places such as Amazon for books and DVDs in case you absolutely cannot find the kind of online advanced guitar lessons do require. We can all hope that as time passes and has learning guitar online becomes ever more popular; a greater variety of advanced guitar lessons online will become available for everyone to benefit from.

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December 20, 2015

Online Acoustic Guitar Lessons

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For many people online acoustic guitar lessons represent both an economical and convenient way to learn to play a musical instrument right from the comfort of your own home. You are able to take lessons at any time to suit your daily schedule while also being able to repeat online video acoustic guitar lessons as many times as you wish. This is important since often you will not fully understand and acoustic guitar lesson the first time and it may take several attempts before you are able to fully master it.

Learning acoustic guitar online has become extremely popular for guitar students all around the world and of all ages -even if you want to learn about complex topics like different guitar pedals. Due to the fact that most people have reasonably fast Internet connections the downloading of acoustic guitar lessons online has become a reality easily achievable for most – check out this awesome video for just ONE example:

Online Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Even though you are watching video guitar lessons this method is still a form of self tuition and therefore requires a high level of motivation in order to keep going even when progress is slow and difficult. Always remember that it is the guitar students which maintain their practice schedule for extended periods of time who are the ones who succeed. One thing which is important to realize is that learning acoustic guitar is a mechanical process and does not rely so heavily upon talent especially when you are a beginner. Never let the idea that you have no talent for playing guitar holdback your progress or create a negative attitude which is going to be seriously counterproductive to achieving your ambitions to learn guitar.

Before taking any kind of guitar lessons for beginners make sure that your guitar is set up correctly and in a way which is going to make it as easy as possible to play. All too often beginners fail at their guitar lessons not through any lack of talent or even practice but rather because their guitars were extremely awkward and difficult to learn on. This can often be a very powerful deterrent and one which certainly has the potential to make you give up. Therefore, always make sure that you are giving yourself the best chances of success by having a professional set up and adjust your guitar so that it is going to be easy and friendly to learn on.

For more on online acoustic guitar lessons ask around the guitar forums where you should find the best and most unbiased opinions for choosing the best one.

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December 20, 2015

Online Guitar Lessons – Pros and Cons

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As Internet speeds have become faster and faster the possibility of taking online guitar lessons has become reality for many people wishing to learn how to play acoustic guitar or learn about reverb pedals. There are a great many websites to choose from and care must be taken when selecting which one is going to be best for you to learn from. One of the best ways to research this is to take advantage of the many sample guitar lessons available online in places such as YouTube or even directly from the websites themselves.

Find A Teaching Style that Suits You

It is entirely normal to find that one teaching method suits you better than another major goal should be to notate the best online guitar lessons to match your own personal musical ambitions for guitar and the style of music you would eventually like to master. These days it is quite old-fashioned to learn guitar only from written materials or even audio examples. The vast majority of online guitar websites will offer you acoustic guitar tutorials in video format streaming directly down from a live server. You may also have the option of downloading your guitar lessons online so that you will always maintain your own personal copy to review and practice to whenever it best suits your schedule.

Lots of Different Online Guitar Lessons

learn guitar through skype

Internet guitar lessons can be offered across a wide range of difference payment forms such as monthly membership programs or standalone products where you pay just once instead of on a recurring basis. There can be some debate as to which is based however you should always remember that finding the correct online guitar lessons for you is the main priority and what you should concentrate on. Check out how to play Sweet Home Alabama from these cool guitar lessons on youtube

Make sure that whichever online acoustic guitar lessons you choose that you have access to at least good quality e-mail support site that you can contact the guitar instructors responsible for the Internet guitar tutorials whenever you have a question you would like to ask. This can greatly reduce the sense of isolation one can feel when learning to play guitar online especially as there is no class interaction or individual attention such as would be the case in a standard private guitar lesson. How to play Knockin’ On Heavens Door by Bob Dylan

Practice Makes Perfect

The process of learning guitar in this way is now well established and proven so you can have trust and faith in the fact that this is indeed a method which will work for you. Not only is it cheaper to take online acoustic guitar lessons but it also enables you to benefit some really great guitar lessons from some of the most experienced and best guitar teachers in the world. It’s a great idea to combine lessons from different websites and teachers along with other learning mediums such as books and DVDs. This way you will receive a varied diet of instruction which has been shown to provide students with the fastest rates of improvement possible. How to play Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton

For more information on online guitar lessons we hope you will browse this website where you will find a great deal of high quality information and guidelines to help you achieve your guitar playing goals. Remember that learning acoustic guitar is a long-term commitment and one which will require you to practice on a daily basis using your online guitar lessons.

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December 20, 2015

Guitar Lessons For Beginners

anyone can play the guitar

Guitar lessons for beginners are an easy way to learn acoustic guitar playing skills, yet they also can assist a skilled participant become even better. Let´s look at techniques guitar lessons will help you, regardless of the skill level.

As a beginner, it is too easy to depend on “tab” books to master to mimic the background music of your favored bands. Learning guitar by doing this is fine for those who have a good ear canal and can learn how to eventually play simply by ear and put the particular books on the shelf. Several beginners don´t are able to play by hearing. Beginning guitarists don´t spend the time learning how to read the written music that accompanies the actual tab in the guides; they just need to be able to perform a song, so that they learn the tabs and don´t discover the actual music.

For more advanced users check out our reverb pedal reviews to add depth to your sound.

How to Learn Guitar Quick and Easy

When a novice begins with the teachings on how to play in the guitar, he or she would certainly hear of the navigation bars, which is a notation and usually enables the player to talk about and also browse the music while using others or even on it’s own. Learning the guitar might be a challenging in the beginning for most learners, especially if the novice in question doesn’t have one around to become guide.

However just about all hope is not dropped, since acoustic various guitars and their tab are easy to choose and good in the first place. One doesn’t have to enroll for courses against their freedom, the resources tend to be aplenty available online as well as through paperback classes which can be discovered anywhere and at at any time. Some are free while some do come for the nominal fee, therefore beginners are spoiled for choice.

In the first place one needs to acknowledge tabs which are horizontally lines, six of these, that are the representation of the half a dozen strings in a acoustic guitar, the E chain being the lowest. You might also notice quantities which are added to the lines. These types of numbers talk with the fret for the individual string that needs to be performed on. For example once you hear someone stating “A5Inch located on the next string, it means that the newbie needs to perform fret five about the third string right now. An ” A” means the particular beginner needs to write the work having an open string during those times. Playing the information and chords at the same time would help only once constant practice is performed.

How and where to take beginner guitar lessons

It really is dependent upon the type of person you’re, and whether you want instructional, hands–on teaching or even learning on your own making use of reading and good examples. A guitar trainer can teach you ways to hold and also use the electric guitar properly, how and where to secure your fingers, and how to browse the guitar sheet music upon all levels.

Having an instructor you are able to develop mistakes because the teacher will correct a person on the spot. You should consider asking questions as time goes on.

But with instruction online or in a magazine, some of the guidelines might be challenging to understand and the pictures can sometimes be unreliable without someone to describe it to you. You can actually learn to play any chord the wrong way when you´re not mindful. On the other hand, in the event that you´re really tight on time and aren´t able to press in an visit once a week for any teacher, you can gain by taking an internet course that fits directly into your schedule.

If you learn from any guitar instructor, pick one up that specializes in your preferred type of audio if possible. Otherwise, find a instructor that is different in lessons to assist you gain a wide range of skills such as the music that that appeals to you the most. Require references (former or perhaps current students) and pay attention to what you´ll become learning and just what materials you´ll want to get started. Also, inquire about the lesson plan to be sure it’ll fit well together with yours.

Chord Scales for beginner guitar lessons

anyone can learn guitar chords

The great media is that it is quite easy to examine guitar chords for individuals who get the fitted instruction and also you utilize correctly too. You will find several on this website, a few are even free of charge. In case you certainly will need to be educated guitar you ought to obtain a whole course in one on the large 5 guitar training course suppliers within the world wide web.

The most effective at the-studying web sites are those in which make use of media for what it is cost; footage, movies, mp3 fies and written terms – they all make great guitar lessons for beginners. Particularly when researching an guitar instruction chord is the purpose, media records data are very important. A picture or even a video can show an individual exactly the palm motions and little finger positions so there isn’t a doubt about how you should play it. Staring at the location to put your fingertips during a melody can for some be considered a bit confusing which could flip into bad observe habits.

Just in case you think that you simply could possibly go to the internet and examine these kinds of chords and then turn into a master guitar player, then assume once more. Understanding to play electric guitar 100% wouldn’t normally work like that. Remember the metaphor concerning children who become taught to walk which i mentioned above. Just what understanding to walk is approximately is getting yourself into place and making the legs steady as well as stable enough simply to

walk. The guitar training website may well be very similar; the appropriate strategy to practice tends to make ideal. Your effort must become targeted about applying what you study on-series to your acoustic guitar playing. Hopefully you could know additional about how exactly 1 can be educated guitar chords.

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December 20, 2015

Guitar Lessons – Easy & Fun

guitar lesson with youth

Guitar lessons aren’t just for people who have never played the guitar. No, even experienced players could benefit from taking a few lessons every now and then – particularly if they want to understand concepts like using different guitar pedals. These lessons can be a delivered a number of ways. An individual might pay for personal lessons. They can purchase a book or they may buy a DVD. There are many great online guitar stores that provide high quality instructional products. These can used by players looking to take their play to the next level or who are interested in learning a new skill. If you are not sure that you need lessons, keep reading. Below, we will discuss five signs that you, yes you (or someone you care about), might need guitar lessons.

Guitar Lesson for Beginners

Sign #1: You can’t find a band that will accept you, not even one made up of family members: If your dream is to become part of a band but you keep getting no’s you may want to consider taking some lessons. Now, you can learn on your own or you can hire someone to help you, the choice is yours. Whatever you decide, if your goal is to play in a band, any kind of band, consider taking lessons.

Sign #2: You want to take things to the next level: If you only have aspirations to be an average guitar player, then you may be satisfied with your current skill set (if it is so-so). On the other hand, if you really want to grow and haven’t been able to improve on your own, guitar lessons may be in order. Digital reverb pedals and analog reverb pedals are very similar, but both have their pros and cons.

Sign #3: You can’t figure out how to hold your guitar and your fingers have been bleeding for three days straight: If you have been putting in the time and effort but are still unable to get the basics down, it may be time to call in outside help. Guitar lessons could be very beneficial and will likely help ease your frustration and feelings of hopelessness.

Sign #4: You’ve tired to learn on your own but have come to the realization that you are a lousy teacher: Some people do great teaching themselves music. You may know some of these people (or maybe not). They can read a book a watch a video and are able to quickly grasp what is being explained. If you do not fall into the category and are not one of those people, you may want to opt for guitar lessons.

Sign #5: No one wants to hear your play…ever: If you can’t pay people to listen to you play, not even your family, it may be time for you to look through the phone book and schedule a guitar lessons. Now, if you don’t care, continue playing by yourself and to yourself. However, if you wouldn’t mind a little company when you play, consider some professional instruction.

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