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How to Use a Reverb Pedal

From time to time, we use reverb pedals in an attempt to improve the sound produced by our electric guitar. At times, however, it does not feel right. As someone who has tried your...

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Online Blues Guitar Lessons

Traditionally, anyone interested in learning to play the blues guitar would have learned their licks directly from records from many of the old blues masters such as BB King, Freddie King and Albert King....

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Online Advanced Guitar Lessons

It is surprising to find out that there is quite a lack of online advanced guitar lessons available for students to take on the Internet. This is probably caused by the fact that most...

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Online Acoustic Guitar Lessons

For many people online acoustic guitar lessons represent both an economical and convenient way to learn to play a musical instrument right from the comfort of your own home. You are able to take...

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Online Guitar Lessons – Pros and Cons

As Internet speeds have become faster and faster the possibility of taking online guitar lessons has become reality for many people wishing to learn how to play acoustic guitar or learn about reverb pedals....

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Guitar Lessons For Beginners

Guitar lessons for beginners are an easy way to learn acoustic guitar playing skills, yet they also can assist a skilled participant become even better. Let´s look at techniques guitar lessons will help you,...

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Guitar Lessons – Easy & Fun

Guitar lessons aren’t just for people who have never played the guitar. No, even experienced players could benefit from taking a few lessons every now and then – particularly if they want to understand...

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